[WP] Everyone in the galactic community had heard the tales of Human endurance, it had been the stuff of story or nightmare in the decades since first contact. But nothing had prepared the Galactic Council for the first time a human representative broke out the Filibuster.

There were a littany of issues that needed to be handled, there were 2 of the 348 alien races that were about to go extinct, they were 2 of the 71 oxygen breathing races as well as the only 2 that shared similar requirements for habitation as the humans.

The human representative had made stable relations with these 2 races, as well as a few others, however, this was not appreciated by the other members of the council, it had only been 5 years that the humans were a part of this process and council and up until now none of the human representatives had anything to add or say to any of the conversations or changes made to the universal legislation or codes

the council only had 5 months to organize who needed to provide resources for the 2 dying races and they had to present what they needed in time for the proper genetic and environmental devices to be manufactured and deployed, not to mention there were only 4 races that were capable of executing this mission due to time and space requirements after eliminating races that did not have the resilience to survive it. The humans were one of them...

There would be one meeting a month that could last up to 2 weeks, as tradition had developed for the council, and there would only be 3 more until the conclusion would be reached so that there would be at least a months time to execute the decision. The 2 races ( zytezoid and yattegamba) wouldnt be able to explain what they needed until the humans had finished their dissertation.

The head of the council, who was from the longest living race in the universe, a slinchronian, hated the humans the most, but was always happy to call on them during the speaking cycle because the humans never had anything to say.

"Humans, if you have any issues to bring up, now is your time"

"Yes, I do, I have a few issues to bring up and I would like to share the data that we have on them to the greatest degree possible, if anyone has any questions please bring them up via notification light"

During these meetings if a specific representative had a comment a light would be brought up on a large board suspended above the council room directly above their seat, next to the light was the abbreviation for that race and when they pressed the button, not only a light, but a timestamp would be recorded for when the button was pressed, so that they could replay what was said for everyone before the representative could share their comment.

"We have been researching atmospheric conditions for a long time, since our race is heavily dependent on the right amount of oxygen nitrogen among other gases in our atmosphere, we have developed a few atmosforming processes that we don't feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the universe-

5 lights appeared on the ceiling, almost in unison, the first of which, was one of the 2 races about to go extinct

- Master of the council?

" The only speaker that I will allow to comment on this is our yattegamban speaker, you are on the floor"

The yattegambans were a pinkish race, with noses that went to the back of their head like a snorkel, they mated in very dangerous conditions only when sunlight did not touch their skin and they had to be in low altitude for the reproductive action to take place, they tried doing this inside, but there is a constant barrage of bacteria in the air that makes this possible for their bodies, the main issue in their reproductive process was that there is a near impossible to exterminate species of fly-like creatures that can get into their nose while mating, and having this airway passage open is crucial not only for the process to "succeed" for both partners, but becuase they are weak and need as much of their atmosphere as possible to make it through the long and strenuous mating action.

"Thank you for letting me speak, I have to ask, and sadly I have to make a confession to the council first; I was speaking with the representative of the humans months prior as our reproductive outlook had been apparent to us over 5 years ago and with the unexpected inftroduction of the vatathatchans and explosion of the gertrudipah star system, I felt it too selfish to take speaking time, my confession is that I had been speaking with the human representative about this atmosforming technology at the last meeting, I know it is against protocol to have private inter-racial relationships outside of the council, but as you all know we are desperate and the human asked me if I might be interested in connecting some of our planet dwellers via galactic particle communication-

38 lights had encompassed the ceiling, a silence encumbered the room, only the noises from the mostly quiet habitation suits were peppering the room, the master of the council was gargling to himself, raising and lowering his hand, matching the lights to the representatives that pressed them, the yattegamban turned a slight purple and stuttered back into his chair, a strong inhale was heard from his suit and after the master of the council was heard groaning once again across the room, stood up.

"There are multiple issues that have plagued us since the explosion of the gertrupidah system! the Vatathatchians have also added to our burdens because the only technology they have developed requires entire dwarf stars to dissipate! I do not wish for your race to perish but we have let rule-breakers leave the council before and just because your race is about to go away does NOT mean that you can exchange technology with another race! The only speaker that may comment at this moment is the representative of the Zytozoids, and before speaking, ( looking at the zytezoid) you MUST share with the council, whether you have been involved with the atmosphorming technology this human speaks of.

" I would like to remind everyone that just as the yattegambans are at risk of going extinct, we are as well, as you all know, we were given permission by the council to allow our planet dwellers to make a private research group to discuss PRIVATELY with a team put together by the yattegambans to divise ideas that could be implemented to increase reproductive success since it is such a primary issue for the both of us........ yes, we have been studying this technology privately; after their research team heard about it they shared it with ours, HOWEVER, it has not left either team, and is still HIGHLY under review.

not only did the 37 other lights shine bright from the top, but 41 other lights joined them, although speaking to one another was strictly prohibited, slight murmurings filled the room and the master of the council had stood up so abruptly that his seat made a loud 'slap!' as it slid back into its detracted position.

amongst all the chattering, before the master of the council could speak, the human representative bellowed out to the room " I have something important to say before there are any further questions!"

all of the lights except 10 or 20 lit up on the ceiling, all of the timestamps changed to that moment, and the master of the council sat back down and grabbed his microphone.....

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