[WP] In a dingy, cyberpunk city, civility is a word missing from almost every gang's vocabulary, except for one. With the trappings of the romanticised mobsters of the 30s, they're equal parts loved and lauded for their strict code of conduct. You play by The Family's rules, or you're outta here.

Our family isn't the goldest on the node but what we have we killed proudly for. We owed a few older but useable concrete crushing machines that are regularly needed by other clans for their survival so they dare not disrupt this relationship as they know how irreplaceable our knowledge is, we had plenty of fire torches to protect what is ours, but more importantly we had lived with honour. of our 999 brothers and 235 sisters, 34 laid down their lives in honour of ZZIDD, who passes by our humble ruins without any threat to our family. I myself am next in line to sacrifice to ZZIDD, if he should want me, I have made it know, but for well over 12 years he has not so much as looked in our direction has he regularly feeds on the flesh of the wicked families in the nearby ruins in our node. We have of late m though, I must tell you, had not such a easy time with the neighbours who have taken up trapping and skinning of other gangs children, attracting such raids that the spill over leave us with so much damage. ZZIDD has been more and more displeased by the public display of the head of these children and now visits every fortnight and bleeds at least one hundred young man out in the most spectrally of ways. We would have long ago completely torched and burn these neighbours but as we must share , they are the last of our concern in our node ass their hunger for children and their festiivla late night kid roasting that leaves us wanting for quiet, but they know to leave us be, as our fierce weapons would easily obliterate them we also cannot carry a conversation on with these foolish blood thirsty Krusts. What these dumb Krusts lack in decency the make up as fodder and fencing against much worse and predatory families that would not afford us such rest as we do find.
It has been almost 22 year that our family has been force to display our ability to torch full nodes to make known our proteinic abilities, but as the next ruin Krusts are down to no more than 500 members mostly now of he most stupid type and without any normal features, we feel our relative peace becoming thin. Once they will gone the krusts on the next node that feed on them will now turn their attention on our fat and happy family, and from our flank we will not be able to fry them.
Orr fie machines though idle have been kept in good contains and we have saved over 10 000 barrels of neti-gasoline for our torches, in case a moment like this artists we we know our days to be numbered.
It pains us to know that some innocent family members, will fry, but without any options for negotiating or reasoning with these gangs, we have planned for this morning a ceremony to invite and beg ZZIDD to take my Body and grant us permission to fry the surrounding nodes, and torch so much flesh that all of ZEREO shall smell the power of our family now 30 000 strong. WE should expect ZZIDD to demand a steady supply of flesh to be captured and provided by our family, until new neighbours come as they always do. Our family weeps for the knowing of how many will die, if ZZIDD will grant us this mercy to fry them, but I myself will be free of this cruel world and die in honour on the plate of ZZIDD.

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