[WP] You're sitting in a coffee shop watching a man type on his computer. He types the words, "It begins raining outside", and it instantly starts raining.

I walked into my favorite coffee shop i always visit on my way to campus. It was about 9:00 am. I had forgotten to charge my phone last night so it was only on 20% so i didn't want to waist battery browsing on it like i normally do while i drink my coffee. Thankfully a man with his back facing me opened his laptop to a blank Microsoft word page. He was sitting directly in front of me so i decided to pass the time reading his story.

"it begins raining outside" he typed.

I became intrigued because i figured he was writing a story and not just some lame work project. At that moment it had begun to poor. I thought that was hilarious and was about to tell him what a coincidence that was but i didn't wan't him to know i was reading his story so i remained silent. His head nonchalantly turned towards the window to his right, he didn't seem phased at all he just nodded his head and looked back at his laptop. He clicked the "enter" and the blinking cursor moved a column down. I figured "it begins raining outside" was the title of his story but then he typed another sentence

"the temperature rises"

I figured he was writing a shitty poem at that poem at that point. "So lame" i thought as i took a sip of my coffee. I spaced out for what felt like a few minutes trying to let some more time go by before i left, I began to regret not getting an iced coffee, it would have been much better given how humid the shop felt today. "Wait what the fuck?" i thought as my eyes darted back to the laptop. A bead of sweat ran down the back of his bald head. He moved his mouse to the undo button and clicked it until the sentence was gone. It felt like someone had just turned on the AC. I was reminding myself of the placebo effect which i had just learned about in psych when he clicked enter again. I have never been so focused on the activity of a stranger in my life.

"Time slows down."

Now i have to admit i panicked when he typed that. I was seriously wondering if the coffee shop was going to start moving in slow motion or something. After two minutes of him staring at his laptop and me watching everyone walk by normally i felt a mixture of relief and embarrassment. "I should really be getting more sleep" i thought. I realized i should probable get going as i had spent too much time stalking some stranger writing a shitty poem and my class was going to start soon. I started packing my things and glanced at my phone.

9:01 am

That scared the fuck out of me. "How the fuck are you doing that!?" i said out loud. All of the customers turned their heads towards me. All of them except the man on his laptop who didn't even budge. At that moment i heard the faint sound of talking but everyone in the shops mouths were closed. At that moment everything began to get blurry and the voices got louder and much more vivid, then darkness. I woke up with my forehead on top of my crossed arms resting against a small flat surface. "Oh shit i really fell asleep in class?" I thought. I never do that so it surprised me but it felt good awakening from that nightmare. I raised my head up to see i was still in the coffee shop and the man was still right in front of me. and his blinking cursor was now in front of a new sentence.

"He wakes up."

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