Young men are dropping out of society because it's abundantly clear nobody gives a shit about them

Your original comment, straight out of the gate, calls OP a privileged young male. I am shocked you didn't throw 'white' into that sentence, it probably would have gotten more upvotes. Followed by claiming everyone up-voting is an incel. Odd to assume every depressed male is simply an incel.

You then state his facts are inaccurate because why not, yet provide no sources to back this statement up. Granted he neither provided sources the argument is pretty much moot when its two people stating the other is wrong.

Then you link some youtube video to back you up regarding prostate cancer, it has 13k views, give me a fuckin break. How about you link a trend comparison, let's say ...

Totally agree man and woman are not treated equally. OPs point is the pendulum has swung decades past and for some reason it isn't swinging back, in the first world.

You made no argument, you simply shit all over OP while on some high horse because you are a woman. You didn't even directly counter anything OP said you just shit on him for feeling the way he does. If you are really fighting for gender equality why shit all over OP? Is gender equality in your mind women first men last?

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