Your PDGA Stats, and What You Can Do With Them!

What a coincidence I saw this today. I’ve got a chart where every week I put every conceivable stat from udisc down and some extra stuff. I’ve been slacking on updating but I have all these notes written down to help as I was planning to catch up on everything this evening.

Some of the things included are:

Holes played per week Expected value when betting Course averages/bests/moving averages

I’ve considered doing a “hole index” of every hole/layout I commonly play with a lot of tags for different hole properties (tunnel, raised basket, mando, double mando, uphill, downhill, protected basket, etc.). and finding patterns in strengths and weaknesses vs other players

I want to do more charts for comparisons, for example, how much good drives and good putts contribute to lowering my score

Let me know if anyone has any ideas

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