You do know that you're not a veteran.. right?

So, gonna get sent to downvote hell probably, but whatever. I feel obligated.

I understand the cringe, because I am one of these scumbags and I hate myself for it. I served in the Navy for a year, and when I say served what I mean is I graduated A school at Nuclear Power Training Command. Had two roommates that got sent to Captain's Mast because they were awful people. One sneaking materials out of the school building and one for drugs. They were hell to live with. The one would leave Chinese food locked up for weeks longer than it was moldy. The other would leave his cigarette-smelling laundry piled (and again locked up) until the stench was unbearable. Not to mention the guy across the bathroom who ruined Queen for me by blasting to it literally every single morning for six months. Imagine waking up to Bicycle Race every single morning. I thanked God for the days it was Killer Queen instead.

Anyway, I got to Power School and was relieved, thinking my roommate situation could get no worse, but it did. There are a few stereotypes in the Navy when it comes to Nukes, and this guy was every single one of them. Socks with sandals, NEVER wore deodorant (even when I went to his LPO about it), spent every day rocking back and forth in his chair watching the most obnoxious anime. Any time I was home I had to have my Turtle Beaches on. I was fed up, caught in a spiraling depression partially due to a fiance who lost her virginity while I was in basic. Make no mistake, if I had to stay in the Navy I truly believe I would have killed myself. So, I saw a psychologist, and he helped me get discharged.

Now, all of this isn't the scummy part. I've been using full education benefits because I live in Texas and they pick up the tab on everything that the VA doesn't via the Hazelwood Act. That plus a modest BAH kept my education moving and my pipe full. Reflecting seriously on this, I feel sick about it. I use excuses to justify it, but compared to legit veterans who serve honorably for years, I realize that I am pretty pathetic. I even put the "VETERAN" stamp on my driver's license so hopefully a cop will waive a ticket.

I don't regret exiting the military. Even under different circumstances I would always have a hard time being government property. I do regret using Veterans Benefits because it is money not earned and poorly spent.

So, do with that what you will.

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