You're unattractive and make a move for someone = you're a creep

This is not true. Stop believing this is true. I'm not attractive at all. I explicitly ask very attractive girls out on dates regularly. It's possible to be ugly and still do it in a manner that's not creepy and possibly end up being friends in the long run. And sometimes even get a "date".

Talk to them like you would any other person. Ask them if they would like to get a drink with you. Most will say yes. Half will show up. And very few -- if any -- will be romantically interested. But you're not a creep for trying. Being upfront, direct, and "alpha" is not creepy. Seriously, if you walk up to a 10 and straight ask her out with confidence like you've dated someone like her before -- even though you both know you haven't -- she's not going to think you're creepy. She might even respect you for how direct you were with her. Still won't sleep with you, but won't turn around and call you a creep. It's that timid, indirect shit that girls don't like -- they know what you want, but they're not sure how you're going to go about it. If you're direct with them, they know what you want and they will be more direct with you. If you say, "You're really fun to be around. Would you like to go on a dinner date with me later tonight?", you -- as an FA -- will likely get something like, "I would love to have dinner with you, but as far as dating goes, I'm not really into that right now. I'm not really looking for a anything at this time". Not creepy. And she might even actually have dinner with you -- make a new friend.

I've done this over and over again with very attractive girls. I never sleep with them, but stop with this ugly = creepy crap. You're either creepy because you're a creep, or you're too self conscious.

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