197 words How many of you struggle with portion control and midnight snacking? 139 words What kind of person where you in the mid 2000's and how are you different in 2021? 115 words [Serious] How Do You Feed Yourself? I Am Clueless And Want To Learn Before It's Too Late 206 words How do you manage your money - day to day, logistically? 158 words Anybody 30 and up what was the best career choice that was simple and your earning good now 201 words How sensitive are you to your boss reprimanding you even over small things? Does it feel like a big deal or do you just brush it over a few seconds later 162 words Direct management of a friend/colleague 162 words Working in a full-time job, how long is a "normal" working day for you? 528 words On a scale of 1 to 10 how's your week going? What could someone do that would make it better? 162 words Is it okay to have a gaming as your primary hobby after 30? 351 words Did your dad ever get physical with you? 530 words Possibly flunking out of school.. 291 words Describe the most interesting woman you’ve ever met. 229 words How do you get / stay motivated to go to the gym? 281 words How has abuse affected you? 145 words Have any of you had to swallow your pride and return to a menial life position after a major failure? 325 words The older I get the more I notice people moving away and starting their own thing. How do you feel when important figures in your life moving away? Imagine your closest group of friends one by one moving across country. 170 words Married men who discovered they've made a mistake with the spouse they married and don't want to go through the rigors of a divorce. How have you coped with holding on hoping things change for the better? 246 words Leaving a desk job 193 words My (29M) priorities have changed and I want to focus on traveling and experiences vs sitting at home and gaming for hours. My friends are home bodies and have no interest and would rather game online. I want to experience the world, but would have to do it alone. How should I deal with this?