173 words What's one epiphany you've had? 182 words Unpopular opinion: it’s not dumb to argue on the internet sometimes 306 words Why do people not tell you what they want? 248 words Genuinely what was it like being a young person before the Internet? 245 words Just enjoyed a shower with a Speedway Stout as the shower beer of choice. WBU? 177 words I'm lonely and I don't want to live. 178 words What kind of career can I easily get into so I can just focus on my hobbies and passions when I’m free? 489 words I miss 24-Hour Walmart/Walgreens/CVS runs. 115 words How do I develop a personality ? 233 words Quitting Marijuana For Good. 117 words I'm traveling in France and no one has switched to French on me so far... I'm really proud! 153 words I work night shift in a youth prison 509 words I work night shift in a youth prison 226 words What do you guys do after you have a bad dream? 122 words Y'all 147 words Do you miss early 2000s culture? 484 words Do you have a “guardian angel” story? 178 words I don't make friends by TRYING to make friends. When I form a connection to someone, it is extremely rare, and happens without me making any sort of effort. In other words, I'm either totally uninterested, or completely, wholly invested. Can anyone else relate? 168 words My colleague got a termination letter yesterday and I am feeling guilty because I complained about her to the boss. 159 words I am thrilled! Minimum wage in California is now $15.50. Finally! Still not enough though lol