What kind of career can I easily get into so I can just focus on my hobbies and passions when I’m free?

I was in aerospace and factory machine design. Wired houses and restaurants to pay for my degrees. Loved it to pieces, worked my ass of to be an engineer and it paid off for almost a decade. When lightning struck next to me maybe 15 16 years ago, information recall and vision impairment with some other long term issues made me eat shit. Now I make props and work on animatronics, am a set designer and art director for what is essentially a haunted house road show based on Dungeons and Dragons. The deficiencies of one of my near death experiences only slowed me down, but I am having the time of my life making weird things and organizing events and so forth. It’s relaxing 80% of the production season and super stressful (just the way I like it) leading to and at our shows. I’m trying to be motivating, not boasting or anything. I totally understand and tried to help with this book of a comment. Best of luck, follow your bliss, but challenge yourself and get uncomfortable.

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