231 words Did anybody elses heart break when Nova got in the car and started pittifully crying over the fact that nobody wanted to be her friend or play with her? 141 words This train wreck will never learn. Managing her diabetes should be more important than all her fitness crap. 134 words Indianapolis Star article about Amber 122 words Jesus god Leah 166 words Jenelles brother Colin and Jace! Identical! 150 words The Ashley - Kids are not going back 135 words More of Kail’s tweets about tonight’s reunion 254 words Chelsea being mean? 156 words Jenelle never cared about her kids 138 words Rules clarification 123 words Drug seeking behavior 168 words I have a question about one of the sub rules. Would anyone be able to help me? 140 words Corey Simms is a Bad PersonZ 181 words Before you judge Jenelle.... 171 words Tyler's response to yesterday's IG post. 175 words I love her, but Chelsea’s hand vs her foundation shade on this weeks episode.... 147 words Shower thought: Janelle wouldn’t be that bad (more likable) if she stayed single and sober. Thoughts? 207 words Remember when Bristol Palin basically said that if you ever aborted a pregnancy, you're not as "empowered" as people who "give life" (carry their unplanned pregnancies to term)? 171 words David admitted to taking an adderall in one of Jenelle's many video's... do you think it was from Jace's bottle? Do you think they pocket his medication regularly? 130 words Tyler gets messages about people having sex dreams with him ‘at least once a day’ No wonder his ego is so big.