Leah’s dog looking cute as hell.

I had a shepherd/begal mix growing up. She was wild when she was young, her nose took her everywhere. She escaped our backyard multiple times and would get picked up by the police. We used to joke that she had been arrested multiple times lol. She eventually calmed down and was the best, most loyal and obedient companion ever. I would take her on hikes every week and she would always do her thing, staying about 20 yards ahead of me. She didn’t care about or bother any other dogs or people. On one of our hikes, I hid from her to see what she would do and of course she came running back to find me! Love that girl, was hard to let her go in January 2020 when she was 16 years old. I still miss her all the time! My baby Tia, RIP sweet girl! ♥️


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