The Queen of Smug

Grew up in oil country in an oilfield money family and as a child I never knew any better but once I grew up and started putting pieces together I realized my family was healthy in the money dept and a few of my dad's buds were legit billionaires. Nicest, most regular guys ever. Never once mentioned being fucking billionaires. He was just .. Sam, my dad's second dad. Now I look around my old hometown as an adult and I see behind the scenes he donates to a lot of things but never accepts the praise. He does it in his dad's memory, his dad was awesome and always taught them to help people and give before they even had money. Mad respect for the guy.

My grandparents were very comfortable and drove the same car for 40 years. Same small 900 sq.ft. house they built together as newlyweds. They bought tons of land and retired in their 40's, that's the only clue that people knew they were well off. I'm thankful my dad wasn't a huge spender even though he had it. He needs full time care for dementia now and he's only 60. I'm thankful everyday he was humble and now we don't have worries when it comes to his care.

When I see Jen buying a boat, a bmw and whatever the fuck else .. I can't even pretend to be jealous. She is such an idiot with money and she screams insecure, tacky bitch.

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