The golden years

I love this! The hair sins from our teens oh boy. I have long curly, frizzy hair which was always hard to maintain for me as a child. And of course I hated it and wanted straight hair when i was a teen. Because a hair iron didn't work, I actually used a real iron. I took a chair, sat next to the iron board and started ironing my hair. I could cry if I think about it now. Luckily the phase only lasted for a year, then I finally met a girl who showed me how to style and take care of my hair. And then I started to love my curls. I've dyed my hair 3 times in my life, only brown and black, and my last hair cut was two years ago lmfao. I get my ends cut two times a year but that's about it. I'm often wondering if I'm so fucking lame and should for once, do something! But my hair is also dark and I don't want to damage it. I would love a dark purple or Bordeaux red.

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