Do you think that MTV had a moral responsibility to give these girls a crash course on financial literacy as a condition of their employment?

Should the state be mandated to give lottery winners a financial planner and counsel? No. And those winners end up far worse off than most of the TM franchise with their money and no residual fame (however minor) to fall back on. It’s also often the case when people end up with large inheritances or settlements at young ages.

I personally do believe we all need to be taught financial literacy, and that is on our schools and us to vocalize the need for it in curriculum louder than ever. I took a few classes in my high school and it made a world of difference compared to my peers who didn’t get such a chance before being thrust into adulthood. However, the onus isn’t on the employers to be teaching us this nor should it be. How could you expect them to not have a bias or agenda as to what they would inform you of? Knowledge is power and those who hold the checkbook aren’t always the ones vested in us gaining power.

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