140 words Alright men, is it that you don't know, or don't care? Just another trip to the grocery store as a 30-something woman. 129 words Illegally Detained In A Grocery Store 136 words Trans women deserve to be understood too. 161 words Canadian/American women, what’s your experience sleeping with men from other countries? 227 words I can’t stop crying I don’t know what’s wrong 131 words Do you feel like men often sit with their legs wide open in public transport? 133 words A friend (M 26) asked me (F 24) for sex and told me I was stuck up when I turned him down 145 words Am I the only one who has the feeling that the further politically left a man is leaning the less he is being sexist or mysognystic? 206 words Why is it my responsibility to be nice to misogynists or incels? 201 words Are men really that oblivious or do they do it on purpose? 185 words Why are sexist slurs not taken as seriously as racist, homophobic, etc. slurs? 153 words The objectification of women on reddit. 153 words Pastor admits to adultery then the 16 year old he had an affair with confront him during service. Watch the reaction of his congregation 176 words Mirena IUD removal 122 words You should have raped her. 167 words Men do not understand the anatomical realities of extreme sex acts 543 words Why aren’t the men in my life getting angry with me? 136 words For those who couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary 125 words I told someone I didn't want to see them again after they tried to pressure me into sex without protection 140 words Ladies if your SO is saying that the abortion decision is “not a big deal”, “doesn’t impact you”, or is dismissive about the decision, reconsider your relationship.