127 words People Are Weighing State Abortion Laws as They Decide Where to Go to College: Turns out access to life-saving medical care is pretty important to students. 201 words I just realised how much physically stronger men actually are. 126 words Are there any other women just as incompetent at all things domestic/emotional labor as me? 259 words Missouri is about to force trans adults & teens to detransition. The ACLU is suing. Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s new restrictions apply to trans people of all ages. 291 words Has anyone been drugged and remembered it? 242 words I posted somewhere about Jennette McCurdy’s new book and someone asked for a rule 34 559 words Pissed off podcast men are delusional … gotta go on a rant. 140 words I didn't believe it until it happened to me 207 words Weaponized Incompetence Rant 131 words I think AI porn is going to be terrible for women and men. 162 words Im shocked by the rising amount of men on social media justifying cheating as " we men are polygamous and visual creatures", but want to settle monogamous 1,271 words Walk Away Wife Syndrome 150 words Why is refusing pap smears becoming a trend in this sub? 168 words I don’t understand UTIs? 246 words they know. 171 words Does anyone else feel there’s a segregation between males and females in a lot of society? 143 words Should I get a breast enlargement? (F20) 182 words Why do women have orgasms? 213 words First experience with the “We have to do a urine sample on everyone” lie. (Pregnancy test) 159 words I begged my boyfriend to stop giving me unsolicited advice while I was having a breakdown, he said he can't do that.