134 words The double standards for women in this world are absolutely insane. 198 words Know what kind of person you are having kids with 266 words Guy friend tells me I’ve been talking for a while and that someone else should get a turn...he talked 80% of the time out of 5 people. 286 words condom removed during sex 210 words Stop joking about finding the women in your life a burden, and learn what misogynistic jokes teaches young boys. 142 words So tired of the double standard in r/pics. 165 words IUD side effects? (NSFW) 357 words THE CINDERELLA SYNDROME (Published 1981) - This is interesting as a "time capsule" piece, to see what it was like as a woman at a time when women first began to really enter the workforce. [Long Read] 118 words Anyone had trouble with weight gain and the implant? 142 words I've never felt so hurt by the word "bitch" 154 words My BIL always tells me that women are wrong about the 97%/1 in 6 and I just realized he’s not the nice guy 512 words Rant: Gynecologist Appointment Made Me Feel Like an Idiot 123 words My sister's fiance last minute called off their engagement after finding out that she will most likely not be able to have children naturally.. Seeing my sister process this has reminded me of how resilient women are when we need to be. 143 words My boyfriend is deciding whether to leave me because I'm infertile, and it's killing me. 136 words The shame of being a woman on reddit. 157 words The mom I nanny for teaches her daughter to never comment on someone’s body uninvited, even if it’s a compliment. I’ve started to do the same. 255 words Me not having pubes doesn't make my boyfriend a predator 241 words Read a tweet that said something along the lines of "I swear some men are jealous of the women they are attracted to and are obsessed with making them feel small in order to feel better about themselves.'" I've never heard anyone else express this, but I feel this very strongly. Anyone else? 181 words "Pro-Life" Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill Imposing Death Penalty for Abortion | it's incredible but it didn't surprise me as much as it enrages me 114 words LPT: You are allowed to ghost people because they make you uncomfortable.