Weaponized Incompetence Rant

this is horrible. my heart is angry for you.

this behavior makes me want to rip my hair out.

i don’t need to remind you, but actually, yes I do. or you won’t do/remember it.

you will remember it, but actually, you won’t. you never do. and if you do, you remember it five minutes before i come home and panic-do it like a child who forgot to put the chicken in the sink to defrost before mom got home, and then I should give you a cookie for even remembering at all.

no matter how many times I tell you x, you forget.

i need to remember everything. i need to tell you to do everything. i need to ask you to HELP me with things that are also YOUR responsibility.

at any point you need to ask and ask and ask and ask and ask (almost always never ending) a man to CARE about you, be considerate of you, be an adult and help share the adult mental and physical loads/responsibilities, you should be deciding whether or not this is what you want forever.

it’s tell tale. how many of us has felt the same/still feel the same?

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