I posted somewhere about Jennette McCurdy’s new book and someone asked for a rule 34

Personally I agree that most men are exactly as described but I'd like to think my sexuality has never involved violence/disrespect even privately. I'm honestly not trying to make a stupid 'not all men' comment, it is at the very least a majority of men, but I personally feel like I recognize that fact but I don't think I actively fight against an urge to corrupt good things internally (at least not consciously). I'm personally disgusted by exploitative sex scenes revolving around voyeurism, noncon, violence (spitting, hitting, etc.), or any horrible innocence or youth based fetishes and not just because I know they're morally wrong (I guess some women are Into fantasy noncon and BDSM but I'm not personally)but because at its basic level I'm not aroused by it. Ive had a partner that likes rough sex but even then I cant get into it because its not loving. I'm honestly not trying to pat myself on the back for human decency, just thats my personal experience with my male sexuality.

Frankly I've struggled with my sexuality a lot because men's behavior and porn ubiquity make me feel sex-repulsed and disgusted by my own male body and heterosexuality. I've been married for years but I still feel guilty Initiatin sex (even though she encourages me to ask for it). I guess I'm sharing my experience just to share, these same questions and worries have bothered me since I was fourteen.

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