162 words Colourist at DC quits because of Jonathon Kent coming out as bisexual "I'm finishing my contract with DC. I'm tired of this sh-t, I'm tired of them ruining these characters; they don't have a right to do this." 153 words Update to Philly Cop baiting young guy to get arrested: he's been placed on administrative leave pending investigation. 367 words Awwwww. The Navy would have vaxxed him. 180 words Racist NY Man Who Claimed White People are Superior Than Black People Facing Industry-Wide Blacklist, Divorce Over Viral Video [VIDEO] 210 words Police woman doesn't want to enforce lockdowns, gives anti-lockdown interview in uniform and quits right after. 219 words Woman fired for allegedly telling black US couple to ‘stay in their hood’ 143 words A Nursing Assistant in an old folks home goes full anti-vax, on Tik-Tok, in her work uniform and badge. BBJ within the hour 144 words Smart ... Real smart 201 words Miles Teller refused a vaccine, tested positive for COVID-19 while filming 'The Godfather' TV series, Crew out of work. 203 words Substitute teacher writes "All Lives Matter" on whiteboard, then freaks out after a student questions her. 230 words Atlanta Cop 'Relieved from Duty' After Video Shows Him Kicking Handcuffed Woman in the Head During Arrest [VIDEO] 231 words Austin Addison, identified as man who slapped Burger King employee in viral video, charged and fired 146 words Phoenix Children's Hospital fires doctor who accused Israel of 'cannibalism' 108 words Gina Carano says she's 'not going down without a fight' after 'devastating' firing from 'The Mandalorian' 125 words Gina Carano says she's 'not going down without a fight' after 'devastating' firing from 'The Mandalorian' 137 words Publisher cancels book. 170 words Jeff here has been ruthlessly fact checking trump and making great jokes for the last four years. With trump getting suspended, Jeff says “bye bye job” 141 words Wife of Podium thief getting asked a few concerning questions on Google