Atlanta Cop 'Relieved from Duty' After Video Shows Him Kicking Handcuffed Woman in the Head During Arrest [VIDEO]

It's almost like you decided ahead of time

No, no, no, and fuck no!

I'm a fucking extreme left SJW when it comes to police brutality!

But I'm looking at this situation carefully and the lack of force of his kick is telling he has a valid concern for her spitting at him and other people and what are his options?

She's probably going to keep on doing it to anyone who gets near her.

He tapped her. He didn't taze her or beat her with a club or forcefully kick her.

It's almost like you drew a conclusion without any facts, and then purposefully hunted for anything that would support your baseless conclusion no matter how many dimensions or conspiracy theories about reptillians taking over the government and aliens telepathically talking to the president, you had to go through to support it.

That's actually what everyone is doing with this 5 seconds of video and that's what I did at first myself too!

I watched it now about 25 times and I'm see he seemed to use a gentle force to get her to stop spitting without inflicting much harm. Which is something we don't see cops do too often!

The more I watched it the more I was surprised how little force he used with the side of his shoe.

What would you have done in his situation?

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