Miles Teller refused a vaccine, tested positive for COVID-19 while filming 'The Godfather' TV series, Crew out of work.

Or, and hear me out on this one as it's a new concept to a lot of people. Hold people accountable for their actions. Especially people that have flagrant disregard for facts when dealing with a highly contagious potentially deadly disease, that has just as many long term effects.

When the science, the facts, point towards vaccine and masks then suck it up and do it, the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you don't want a vaccine on medical or personal grounds that's your prerogative, BUT at minimum wear a mask and keep your distance.

Wearing a mask does not impinge on your freedoms anymore than it being law to do stay under speed limits, wear a seat belt, not do illicit drugs, pay taxes or any other laws imposed.

I don't know when or why people stopped understanding progression is good and decided that making it a "political agenda" to self harm themselves and their community is better.

The old saying of "cutting your nose off to spite your face" is ringing true.

And no I'm neither Democrat nor Republican. I have no political agenda, I just care about my families health and those others that can affect them.

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