Substitute teacher writes "All Lives Matter" on whiteboard, then freaks out after a student questions her.

That's what im wondering

What would be their slogan if their ammo was taken away from them?

I'm in the US, and I definitely think that with all the publicity that BLM has gained here, that other ethnicities would benefit from that as well. Asians have been attacked way too much following covid, and now with the happenings in Afghanistan, im worried the same will happen with Muslim people.

The BLM movement got a crazy amount of media exposure, I think that that message was extended further, than maybe more people would feel slightly more safe, while also eliminating the argument of the people in opposition to blm who scream to the world that "All Lives Matter."

Like if the blm movement was instead called "All Lives Matter" from the very start, before the actual real-world 'All Lives Matter' people that we know today, then what would those people use as their argument? After starting a positive movement called "All Lives Matter", I can't even imagine what dissenters would call their opposition. If you take away the "all" then all they can do is shout what they actually mean.

I feel like the name of the movement does carry a lot of weight

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