Should I follow my dreams and switch careers?

You aren't going to ruin the relationship you have with your parents by wanting a future that's different to theirs. You're not being ungrateful for not wanting to follow in their footsteps. Think about it. Did your parents set up their business on their own and pursue paths which are different to their parents? If they did, there's your in if either your mom or dad are upset with the path you're choosing to take. If it makes you feel better, like you're not abandoning them, which you're not, you could always offer to help them source or interview someone who would do the work you've been doing in their business while you're on this course. You deserve to pursue what you find a fulfilling experience and you're fortunate enough to continue contributing to the household while pursuing that opportunity. Take the chance, communicate honestly with your parents and answer any questions they may have. You're on equal footing with them as you're all adults. You should be able to be treated as one as you treat them as adults too.

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