0.25 Trigger Job - Sear and Firing Pin Lug Too?

Yeah, I am gonna polish some areas like the connector areas and plunger areas, but plan to stay away from these sear and firing pin lug.

I mean, Johnny Glock actually hits the sear with sandpaper to "break the edge" as he calls it, and then polishes.

But... he's been messing with Glock triggers for 20 years.

I added that "WTF is a Sear?" option only half joking... watching youtube vids of people doing polish jobs, you can tell a sizable number of people breaking out the Flitz have NO FUCKING IDEA of the critical nature of these angles; they know some buzz words and can polish like crazy, but that don't make 'em gunsmiths who should be removing even a micron's worth of metal from the sear.

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