1 year, 170 lbs down (picture)

One year, 170 lbs down. I started my journey one year ago. Highest weight 526 lbs at age 29. I was miserable. Pain everywhere on my body, depressed, sad.

My wife and I went to Hawaii January 2014, we took my parents for a 35 anniversary trip. I wanted to do activities while in Hawaii. We started doing research, most activities have a weight limit. Safety reasons, for myself and crew doing activities. This was the final blow. I was sick of sitting on the sidelines. I was done letting life pass me by.

We returned home after our trip. I made an appointment with my doctor. To get the a healthy weight I needed help. All prior weight loss methods failed me. This was the time to make a big decision. Was I going to let my weight take over more and end up killing me? I wasn't ready to give up.

After meeting with Doctors we determined the best course of action would be weight loss surgery. The biggest catch, I was bigger than the operation table could hold. The make limit for the hospital takes and beds was 400 lbs. Liability reasons.

In March 2014 I started a liquid medically supervised diet. I would have to be on this minimum of 6 months for my insurance to approve the surgery. I was off to a great start. First week on liquid diet I lost 25 lbs. I was amazed. I could feel the change already. More energy, less joint pain. The reality hit. I started to lose an average of 4-5 lbs a week. I then new the liquid medically supervised diet would take a long time for me to get 126 lbs off.

I was taking it one day at a time. Stuck to the plan as close as possible. Exercising daily. In September 2014 I hit a huge milestone. 100 lbs loss. I felt great. I still had 26 lbs to go just to be approved for surgery.

I kept chugging along. One day at a time. November It was finally time to meet with the surgeon that would be operating on me. Best surgeon in my area. He told me if I could get to 410 lbs he would take me. I saw an end in sight. It was so close. I was 15 lbs away. My dream was happening.

End of November 2014 I go to see the surgeon. I weighted 411 lbs. He agreed to preform the operation on me. Under one condition, I could not gain any weight from that point to surgery. I got a call a few days later telling me my insurance approved the surgery. I got a surgery date. I was so happy. December 9, 2014.

The day of my surgery finally arrived. The liquid diet paid off. I stepped on the scale that morning. Nervous as ever. The scale read 393 lbs. I freaking did it. I didn't gain anymore, I was lower than the 400 lb goal that was originally set for me at the beginning of the year.

Surgery went great. Surgon said my insides looked like a normal weight man. Not a super obese man. I spent one night in the hospital. Returned home the next day.

I got the gastric bypass. My life changed. I can see doors opening already. I got the surgery before I turned 30. Gift to myself. Gift of life.

Its been just over 6 weeks. I have lost a total of 170 lbs so far. 39 since surgery. 10% since surgery. Currently down to 354 lbs. Still a long way to go, but taking it one day at a time. I know I will have ups and downs. This is not the easy way out. But I know I will succeed. The support I have in my life is amazing. My beautiful wife has been with me every step of the way. Encouraging me, pushing me. I don't think I would have met my goal without her.

Sorry for such a long post. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. I still have a long way to go. But I know I can do it. Never give up.

Thank toy for reading. Feel free to share.


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