I (17,M) want to go to winter formal with my girlfriend (17,F) but friends are saying it’s wrong because my ex (17, F) is very pregnant and going alone

I agree. His parents probably don't want him to talk to his ex so that he doesn't realize that it's their decision what to do with the baby and not his mother's. If his mom can keep him away from his ex then she can keep him wrapped around her finger.

He hasn't even said what he wants to do in this situation or if he wants his parents to adopt the baby.

OP this is a big life altering decision. One that you and your ex should be making together. If your mom adopts the baby they are going to grow up knowing she legally stole it from it's mother. And is your mom going to let the baby have contact with you're ex? An open adoption to strangers who can give a more stable environment might be what's best.

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