A $20 a month lifehack I'm using to motivate myself and stay productive

Well it is very simple really. You can send a message to people on Odesk. They are all freelancers. You can be very specific about your instructions, like you want someone to work for you for X amounts per day. People are saying they want to hire someone for 1 hour per day at 3 dollars an expect the employee to be consistent with that. To be honest that's not much money even for a third world country. So ideally you'd want to hire them for 3 hours per day at around 3 dollars an hour (or more) and then they will probably be consistent because then that is a lot of money for them.

There is nothing really unsafe about it, you are only charged what you use. You can fire them at any time. If they are calling you and working for you then you will know if they are working or not. You can even see screen captures of their computer screen every ten minutes if you set them to work on some task, and it shows activity level like how much the mouse and keyboard are being used.

What is unsafe? Letting them have access to your email or anything that you can't do without. You have to assume that they could steal anything you let them touch. So you'd probably set up a reddit account for them with all your favorite subreddits for example, and set up all sorts of todolists etc that are separate from your main one. Basically just make a separation so you don't lose anything in the worse case situation.

My worker has been very honest for me as far as I know and they never stole any of the accounts or passwords they were making for me, but if there is an incentive then they will probably do it because they are very poor.

You start just by doing it. Look up some filipino person and see their english fluency level, and tell them that you need them to be on the phone or skype with you and be consistent every day showing up at a certain time. Then just hire them on and try to train them for the first couple of days. The more you prepare for them then the more useful they will be.

And that's about it really, the rest really depends on the person you've found. The Philippines is full of a wide variety of people. Some speak English better than Americans. My girlfriend speaks pretty good English but its kind of broken too. Maybe with this sort of thing you have to hire and fire people until you find the right one. But you are only paying 3 dollars an hour to test them out, so it's all good.

You start by going to odesk, making an account, putting your credit card on there, watching some youtube videos about it and then you're good to go. It's so easy its ridiculous.

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