[2017-06-01] /r/keto Community Support for Thursday 1st June 2017

Keep getting on this sub, and try adding friends on mfp and sharing your food diary w/ people (I'm Herbstheword feel free to add me). Example of how this helps me.... I lost nearly 30 lbs by April, but then went on vacation at the end of the month, and went off Keto for 1 week (no regrets it was an epic food related trip). When I got back, I saw that I had backslid ~5lbs (expected) and lost my consecutive days of logging on mfp and that motivated me to get my streak back, so I went in and back-logged ever damn thing I ate down to the airplane peanuts! Felt great, like a win, being in control. This helped me to motivate myself to get right back into eating Keto at maintenance for the first half of May and get back to where I was in April. Then, I had some unexpectedly stressful stuff happening and was traveling the last 2 weeks of May and I succumbed to it and made some bad choices off and on, but still kept tracking everything, and trying to balance out any bad choices overall during the week with mostly keto eating, and aimed to just keep maintaining through it. So, here I am, a month later. I may not have lost more during this last month, but I did keep a grip on shit, and am now continuing to move forward and start losing again. I learned more about what triggers me and am now ready with some tools to mitigate that in the future, and I am ready to go back to my happy place (being keto adapted)! I have my fridge fully stocked for Keto, gym bag in my car (and excited to go) with my meal plan for the next week in my pocket ready to be prepped! Everyone falters and falls down sometimes, but keep coming back to your community for support, and find ways to keep building and expanding your little support network, and you will see over time that you are still going in the right direction overall. You got this, KCKO!

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