2022 AP Score Release Megathread

That teacher was bad because he gave students poor grades for the sole purpose of deflating averages. 7/10 or 8/10 is a bad grade when there is no basis for the grade. Giving students poor grades with no basis is bad teaching. There you go. If you don’t think it’s bad to give fraudulent grades then I can’t help you understand this. If that is not specific or substantive then you need to work on reading comprehension.

Saying that students who can’t pull off an A tend to denigrate their teacher may be totally true, but it is a completely irrelevant generalization to make when I have given you reasons for my views. You just said that to question my motives in a subtly confrontational manner. I am not just saying this because I got a B.

I never said that you said there are no bad teachers. Don’t say don’t put words in your mouth, I never did that. Don’t try to sneak that in there.

You can be a bad teacher and have a lot of student pass the exam. That is a complete logical fallacy. If that was the case then it would be impossible for there to be a bad teacher for a smart group of kids because the kids will always be self motivated enough to study themselves and pass the exam. That makes zero sense to say that if a lot of kids passed the exam then the teacher must have been good. 87% of my school passes any given AP exam and the average score is a 4 at my school. That is due to good teaching for most teachers and also very smart students. The students at my school are so self motivated that a large portion of the class is going to pass whether the teacher is good or not. Bad teaching can 100% be conducive with a high pass rate when the student are smart, please don’t pretend it can’t it’s not very difficult to understand.

This teacher was not particularly bad at discussing content, but baseless/unfair grading = bad teacher. If you can’t understand that I can’t help you. Good “teaching” (content) does not mean you are inherently a good teacher when you are unfair or baseless in grading and are generally a disagreeable person to students. That should be easy enough for you to understand.

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