I (26f) confessed to my best friend (26m) and was rejected, a week later he says he was wrong and has actually loved me all along, what do I do?

This was pretty much everything. Just got out of a long relationship and trying to process that when an old crush comes along. I didn’t want it to be a rebound and was still getting over the last girl. We end up hooking up and am still confused. So I tell her I gotta back off. I know it hurt her but I had to sort my head out. Fast forward a couple months, we start hanging out again and one night I drunkenly ask her to officially be my girlfriend. Next morning I say “yeaaah sorry I was drunk” I hated that I did it drunk, That I did that to her. I gave it a week and realized what the fuck am I doing. This is the crush you always wondered about, you get along great (and the sex was great!) just go with it. Point is, it took me some time to process. She was willingly to give me another chance thankfully and now we’ve been married 5 years and have a 1yr old. Now she jokes “hey remember when you didn’t like me?” She’s got jokes.

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