I (28M) found out my gf (28F) was with her ex 1 hour after we broke up

I agree with this. Is she feeling bad bc she got caught? Bc she did not come clean to you and mention this earlier. And there are sooo many people that she could have spoken to about this issue.

I want to assume she really only spoke to her ex about the breakup. But no matter the relationship she has to her ex, what matters more is how the OP feels about her going to him for advice/comfort. I would be upset if that’s how my boyfriend responded to our breakup (especially if we got back together & he never told me about this situation). Lying by omission is still lying, and she should have mentioned this to you if she was serious about continuing ur relationship. She did not cheat on you (even if they only had an emotional connection) but she did not tell you about this. And now she’s upset that you’ve found out.

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