I [32F] really dislike the gifts my partner [25M] gave me for my birthday.

I think you need to reconsider just how much you feel you ought to have a say in the act of giftgiving, when youre not the giver, but the recipient. Can you try to not pick apart his actions to find fault with him? You have an issue with the thoughtfull present and with the price of the other present. Its gift nagging in the upmtheenth degree, and people here responding have all drunk the coolaid with you. Sounds like he got you something you really like, but you turn around and; its too expensive you say (he should be the judge of that, btw, not you since its his money unless you honestly feel its ok to infantalise him) and you'd rather have been gifted something else (thats not how gifting works) - maybe, since the poor guy cant read your mind, you could let go of the pretense of having him think of gifts himself and just order what you want - and if thats cheap jewelry then tell him so. And be happy thats not what he defaulted to on his own accord.

And if you think that sounds harsh, imagine what you would sound like to him, if he read your post. He gave you a thoughtful gift, that shows he pay attention to what you talk to him about, and then he bought you something expensive, that shows he wants to spend his hard earned money on you.

My advice is, if you want cheap crap, buy it yourself, or ask for it directly. Dont complain that your SO, doesnt equate your birthday with a chance to purchase something cheap for you.

And to me, you come across as though you dont respect him very much. I mean, why not let him decide what he can afford or not afford? And why do you focus on wether or not you wanna build a spider. Focus on the fact he thought about this aspect of your past and pays attention to you. Thats the actual gift.

Buttom line is : THEY ARE THOUGHTFUL GIFTS. -now stop being an entitled controlling partner, and try to appreciate what you have. - And if thats not in you, then stop complaining and give straight demands for your next birthday, so he can save himself the time and effort of trying to please you.

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