About that $40 million...

That's no exaggeration, because think about it. Bin Salman put 2 billion of his daddy's petrol dollars into Tesla 2 hours after the tweet, pushing the stock up 13% to all time highs that day, expecting the same 420 reward you did. Assuming that you and Salman are the only ones to lay claim to that $40m, here is how the damages would be divided:

Suppose Bin Salman had a 10% stop loss, then 10% of 2 billion dollars is 200 million dollar loss. What that means is that the 40 million dollars has to be divided fairly between your loss and his loss. Also suppose you invested 10 thousand dollars in Tesla at 375 and panic sold at $275 for a 36% loss. 36% of 10k is $3600.

How do you propose fairly dividing that 40 million dollars between the two equally defrauded parties?

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