about /r/dota2's circlejerk against shadow blade and invisibility in general

Point 1: In most high level games that IS the case. If he wasn't talking literally then most of his post is mostly hyperbolic nonsense, just as I initially claimed it was.

It's pretty obvious a lot of it is hyperbolic nonsense, but it doesn't take aware from his points one bit.

Point 2: High level players care. You need to have strategic wisdom (garnered from past Dota experiences) and foresight if you want to win high level games. My post was not geared towards low level players who do not care about optimal strategy in a 5v5 strategy game. The point that Shadow Blade does more "OVERALL" than Blink is entirely debatable. There are so many variables to take into account that it would take a 3 page essay to go over them all, but after my 3k+ games of Dota and 6k+ MMR I'm going with my gut feeling that Blink has more net advantage than Shadow Blade in games where your opponent knows to buy sentries and more importantly knows where to place them.

Getting countered by sentries isn't a problem. Slark's initiation and escape range is pretty huge even without blink. A good slark player will note the sentries and get the fuck out. One factor that's not mentioned is the extra strain on gold for supports on the enemy team. As juice said, the damage alone practically pays for the item. And all of the extra benefits just amount to the item being better than blink. But still it's just going to be relegated to some argument of different situations. Which is valid, but juice's point was that it's better overall. Aka in most situations.

Point 3

Again, I'm not going to bother trying to quantify "survivability", but just say that EHP alone obviously isn't the only factor. The extra EHP and passive gained from skadi in my opinion, as a slark player, isn't worth the shitty buildup or the loss of MS and dps. I think skadi should be built on the hero, but only as a 5th or 6th slot.

Point 4:

More situational shit. Just be good at slark like how any player will become good at their favourite hero's counters. It just ends up being part of the hero.

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