Abusing disability?

What you're advocating for fucks the individuals, you understand that right? You need to say it out loud. "I don't think the Veterans Administration should provide benefits and services to eligible veterans and their families. I don't want individuals to get compensation for serving their country and coming out the other side worse than they came in, unless *I think their injuries were worth it*, because even though I am not a medical professional, I have a stupid opinion, and I have a stupid concern about the US Governments budget"

>These benefits include medical care; disability compensation and pensions; education; vocational rehabilitation and employment services; assistance to homeless veterans; home loan guarantees; administration of life insurance, as well
as traumatic injury protection insurance for servicemembers; and death benefits that cover burial expenses.

>To give more insights about the 2022 Department of Defense contracting spending, here are a more detailed list base on the market forecast.
Aircraft – $72.7 billion
Construction Related Services – $40.5 billion
Ships and Submarines – $39.3 billion
Systems Development – $32 billion
Guided Missiles – $31.9 billion
Facility Related Services – $28.6 billion
Engines, Components & Spt Eq – $27.9 billion
Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT) – $24.3 billion
Management Advisory Services – $21.1 billion
IT Applications – $20.2 billion

The VA on the other hand

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