Army Chapter 5-14

Experience with what? Getting out of the Army? It’s mostly all positive and a few draw backs. 4 day weekends are pretty much non-existent, benefits are not guaranteed, and you don’t get free housing.

Just get a job, work hard, save for retirement and enjoy life.

Now if you mean how will getting chaptered affect your life…. depends. Pretty much as long as you don’t get a dishonorable nobody will give a fuck. I’ve been asked for me DD214 exactly zero times. I’ve been asked what or why I got out, zero times.

Nobody actually gives a shit. Just don’t lie on your applications. Some will ask under what conditions did you get discharged as. Just be honest because a lie is an instant fire if they find out.

Now if you get all kinds of problems as a civilian and can’t function at work they just fire you and go get someone else. There is no baby sitting on the outside. You either be an adult and carry your weight or they get someone else.

It might sound harsh but that is the reality.

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