AITA for changing my "unique" name without telling my parents?

I'm a male with a technically "gender neutral" name that is waaay more common for girls. I have never met another male with the same name, I know more than twenty girls with it. Childhood fucking blew, it made me an easy target. In highschool my first girlfriend would never call me by name, and I'm pretty sure it's one of the reasons she broke up with me. Every girl I've dated since feels weird calling me it. Nowadays people ask me if I'm transgender often, and like it or not but there's a huge stigma around that whole issue. The song rings true so far as that nowadays I have a hard time not being a cynical asshole, I've discovered every possible snarky comeback to "isn't that a girls name?!" and I overcompensate my masculinity. Thanks mom & dad.

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