AITA for not letting my bf have any input on my pregnancy after he asked me for a paternity test?

A paternity tests is a completely safe medical procedure and there's nothing about it that is inherently untrustworthy. I understand that it carries a connotation of mistrust, but that's something that OP and her BF could've talked through.

Speaking as someone currently in a relationship with a horribly abusive ex in my past, I understand the anxieties and personal insecurities that OP referred to in her post. However, my previous relationship, as traumatic as it was, can't be allowed to dictate my current one. If I were so blinded by my raw emotions that I completely erased my girlfriend from my life, I wouldn't have been ready to be in the relationship in the first place. People in this thread have been ragging on the BF for his apparent trust issues, and while I think there's some merit to that, the same people seem to be ignoring OP's own blatant issues with trust. I don't think they should've been in a relationship in the first place.

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