AITA For wanting to keep my bees even though my new neighbor's son is highly allergic to them?

Ehhh it’s a weird situation so I’m gonna say NAH. You are allowed your hobby but you also have to realize you are essentially cultivating a poison that could kill their kid. They and anyone who lives next to you should be warned about the bees. If they share a wall with you then I’m not sure what can be done. Can their kid safely play outside without added risk that living next to you provides. I’m unsure of what beekeeping entails exactly but I’m under the impression the bees don’t only stay in those hives and roam out wise somewhat. You should have signs posted in my opinion to warn anyone potentially allergic who happens to be walking by. Dogs have to have signs posted and so should potential dangerous allergens. To be honest I would not want to live near a bunch or beehives either so I get why your neighbors are all pissed. I don’t think you’re an ah for your hobbies but I also don’t think a suburban environment is the right place for that kind of hobby.

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