AITA for wearing an Iron Maiden T-Shirt to my first meeting with my girlfriend's parents?

I think all ya’all are way to uptight. Were they going out to a 4 star Michelin restaurant? No just meeting the parents all casual like. I guess maybe because her parents are from India he might have dressed differently but the onus was on her at that point. She knows how he dresses on the daily she should have suggested he wears something a bit more formal for her sake. If this was a woman I think people would be outraged if a man told her how to dress. So what if he’s 28? I’m 57 and still wear my Pantera tshirt and I’m a mom with 2 kids out of the house. I will also be meeting my daughters new boyfriend in 2 weeks they are flying in. He is a chef at a high end restaurant in a big city, he also has tattoos on his face (pictures) and I bet he will be dressed super casual. I definitely will not be freaking out like the lot of you. But to each his own I guess. I judge person by their actions not by their clothing, make up , or hair style. NTA

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