All 143 people aboard a 737 crash survived. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said it's not a miracle: "I don’t take that kind of approach to anything, I’m more of a secular kind of guy"

I've been all around the country and I think Jacksonville is a pretty dang diverse city.

For a coastal city with nearly a million in population Jax is pretty unusual. Sure, it's more diverse and slightly less conservative than Oklahoma City, but that isn't really saying much. When compared to similarly sized coastal cities Jax is pretty far to the right. Urban areas generally aren't split down the middle, they're usually firm on the progressive side. Independents tend to lean Republican so I wouldn't even say Jax is split. It's a conservative city.

Uh no you can drive 45 minutes in one direction and still be in Jacksonville and pass 100 things to do.

It's not that there isn't anything to do it's what there is to do is, well, boring. There's not much night-life and downtown is deserted after dark because the First Baptist Church owns most of it. (including the land the jail is built upon and leases to the city... gotta love that) The restaurant choices are abysmal. Jacksonville is just endless urban sprawl of strip malls, corporate chains and subdivisions full of McMansions on cul-de-sacs. But hey, at least it's got beaches, right? For a long time Jax had the unique distinction of being the only city in Florida that nobody wanted to go to on vacation. I'm not big on tourists but if you're a coastal city that can't attract tourists you're doing something wrong. Jacksonville is a great place to live if you think the height of culture is the American suburb because it's the most bland, middle of the road city there is. The whole world looks at Florida as a joke and Florida looks at Jacksonville as a joke. That ought-ta tell you something.

And last but not least, this is the city that spawned Limp Bizkit.

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