Am I an idiot ?

We had a talk last night that covered absolutely everything and informed me of many things I wasn't aware of. The marriage and child talk bothered her slightly, but only after the huge breakup and mental breakdown her boyfriend had. Her and her HS boyfriend were 100% over as of a week ago, he basically turned into a psycho, parents committed him to a ward, and she realized she has an issue about trusting people too much, being too 'motherly', putting too much energy into a relationship without a worthwhile return. I'm skipping lots of details, but it was significantly much worse for her than I had realized and I'm a healthy opposite of him. She gave me mixed signals about where our relationship should go, I know she wanted time to step back, be single, and reevaluate her life/choices/ etc. She ended up deciding that we should still be a couple, but I slept on it and called her up today and explained I can't with good conscious continue unless she takes some alone time to do whatever with whomever she wants and reevaluate things. She'll be seeing high school friends tonight for the first time in months as she rarely ever does anything other than visit with family, spend time on her phone, and work (before she starts college). So for now we're separated, won't have contact (unless she absolutely needs someone to talk to), but still absolutely love each other (and want to be together) and we'll basically play it by ear. She also isn't a fan of open relationships, it was just something that at the time she needed to explore.

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