I am oppressed because I’m uncomfortable sharing my bigoted beliefs :(

I am grateful for a few things.

1) my grandfather fought his family and while he considers himself a Christian, he kicked their ass and they leave him alone with their nonsense.

2). All 4 of his boys went further including my father who is an atheist and married an atheist and I was never raised to believe any nonsense.

3). I have been well educated and able to find my way in the world. I met my wife and have 2 wonderful boys of my own and they are not trapped by any of the shit from where I come from.

4). I am by far more successful than any of my cousins and there is no question which line of the family is thriving and while they kling to their nonsense they date not call me heathen. The family bible is in my hands. I show charity and grace to those who never showed it to me

5) their political beliefs failed and their kids can see it clearly whenever I visit. It will not last another generation

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