i am putting an end to this language debate. Be like Chad Nagaland which has 14 languages and 17 dialects but finally went on with English as their Official language.

Umm because the center usually distributes the funds of states, and the only reason the states cry is cause the center doesn't pay them on time and usually straight up defaults on taxes states owe. See how money center owes to state, you can easily get it through one single Google search and strangely most of these states which do not receive funds on time or at all happen to be Non BJP states, so now you understand what famous 'Double engine govt' means

How pathetic do you need to be for licking ass of old rich men who are straight up looting you? We are one of the most heavily taxed citizens on planet with respect to income, we still have shit roads, Healthcare, public services for which the govt spend money on and you still want the center to tax you more?

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