/u/OVERKILL_Almir, I wanna get this out of the way. I am a guy with kind of a OCD with games I like, I often go out of my way just to get every item and every achievement in the game.

CCE preorder? Yep! Was not going to think it twice, those preorder items were never going to be released again! Humble masks? I was there, snatched them as soon as possible. DLCs? Got them all. Drop masks tier to RNG? Got them all after 1000 hours or so, along with every possible mod drop.

Now, the alienware masks are the kind of crap that causes me to just look at my stash and feel like my goal towards true 100% completion will never happen but to be honest the price is just not worth them so I kinda tried to get over it even though I'll probably never going to. $500 for the machine + taxes, I could easily pay over $1000 for the alienware machine and I don't even know if it would arrive in conditions in this shit country, IF it ever arrives months later! I still cringe whenever I go to my mask stash and don't see them.

A few months later? The overkill packs come out. Instant preorder! $20 for 4 mere masks and a secret item I didn't even know what it was going to be? No problem, I love this game. It's probably the most overpriced DLC in terms of price<->content I'ever bought and maybe even the worst and I'm saying this with a sad face, I feel like a loser for having bought it, kinda like Hoxton when he says "They got me! They got me good!".

Then, last week you guys dropped the bomb, we're going to get ONLY ONE out of 25 different items for the secret item. I assume most of the people who bought this pack did it so they would not lose a time limited item forever and now they're going to lose 24 others, and you're not even sure which item you'll get! I know you can word it differently to make it look like we're not "losing" anything because we never had them to begin with but that would just sound like you were pushing the issue aside.

I can't avoid but to think that I am not feeling like a loser anymore, I AM a loser. I never thought the DLC was worth $20 yet I got it anyway because I love the game and now my pack could've been worth a bit more but it wont, I am going to lose the items even thought I got the pack day 1, I am never going to get everything in the game sans the alienware masks, achieving what I would call 100% true completion is no longer going to be possible and I no longer feel like I should strive towards that artificial goal just to extend the life of this game even more.

I was even going to buy the dozer from your store just so I could get a steam key for the in game exclusive mask, I am not going to do that now. It's not worth the price + shipping when I am so damn far away from 100% completion anyway!

With all of that fucking big wall of text said, is there ANY chance for you guys to change your mind about the way you're handling the 25 items thing? The gamehub moderator Abomination Jones had an AMAZING idea to make it work: Be able to get the other 24 items by playing with people who have them. This is the most badass idea I've read to "fix the issue" so far and I really want you guys to give that a try.

I'll like to mention that it was the overdrill when it came out that made me join the PAYDAY community, rather than just play with random people I'll never meet again, and I made actual steam friends I still talk to nowadays after helping 4 teams with the overdrill runs. Heck, most of the gamehub moderators are people I talked and still talk to since the overdrill era! I feel like taking Jones' idea would create more chances for people to meet up and play together and maybe become friends for years just like how it happened to me thanks to the overdrill.

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