AMD performance concerns vs. Intel: Benchmarks vs User Experience



I too have had endless problems with AMD products until i finally realized it was my electricity, i live in a old home with a very fluctuating power source and over the years Intel and Nvidia products ran flawless while my AMD products had endless problems until i returned them.

This time i didn't want to just return my latest and greatest 3950x and get a 9900k so i decided to investigate I changed out EVERYTHING in the PC and still not solution, i went out on a whim and got a UPS and low and behold like magic everything just works flawlessly! I can't fucking believe it. *Triple facepalm

Results as expected, even got out my old 6950 that black screening piece of shit and all the issues even on it are completely gone, i feel like a fool for missing out on AMD products all these years...

Why are AMD products more sensitive to the electricity issue while Nvidia and Intel's literally never had any problem what so ever? No idea but i suspect many people who hate AMD products and swear against them might be having similar issues, as they all say the same thing when they move to Nvidia/Intel "It just works", it might very well be electricity in their homes fluctuating.

ps: If anybody from AMD is reading this might be a good thing to look into in future generation? Make your products more tolerant to bad electrical supply like Nvidia's and Intel's.

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