Anti masker takes up an ICU bed, then loses his parents to COVID

People can have about 1000 different reasons for doing the same things so I can't say you're wrong. With a lot of people arrogance probably is a strong, or even the strongest factor at play. Probably just over half of the people in my life personally are anti-mask Trump nuts sadly and a lot of them do have a weird smugness about the whole thing. That said, my parents apparently had a big fight when my mother suggested they go into hiding when Biden won the election and one of my oldest friends tried to kill himself after the electoral college vote. The stream of Facebook posts on my feed of things like "pray for this country, we're all doomed" over the last month and a half has been mind-numbing. There are a mix of emotions and thoughts with these folks for sure, but fear is a big part of it and it's the part I'm sympathetic to.

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