Any reading about commodity + desire

I'm not a big book reader, just a doer with plain language. Keep basket weaving and use real flowers if you feel that the flowers must be there for your niece. I am really not sure why the realization that storebought paint and plastic was involved in your idea of how the basket should be, would make you abandon the entire activity that is, as another commenter said, a basic human activity, and one you even state as having been introduced to by your own kin, your aunt. Why conflate the paint and plastic with the weaving? That activity is precious to you and you miss it because it comes from your real relations. Don't confuse it as bad. I basket weave with willows I harvest from my source-place. They are more meaningful and storied from the relations they come from, than they would be if I weaved them from storebought material. So you don't need to quit, simply move around the plastic and paint which burdened you and those others. And don't think so much. Get out of your head and into your hands, weave.

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