Any of y’all every heard these ones?

Accused of theft when I was younger and it continued into adulthood. False accusations still to this day make me rage. Also accused of denting the car years after I'd moved out, was also golden child that did that. Had to pay my mother's full car insurance bill from 16-18 even though she wouldn't let me drive it anywhere but to work and back.

Worst part is that it was the golden child stealing her change for weed at ten years old. I was too brainwashed to rebel until I was 17. And even then, My "rebellion" was not coming straight home from school, going to parks with my friends and I called to check in at seven pm. She flipped her lid, yelled that I was grounded, so I said fuck it and stayed out til ten. Grounded for a month.... 17 years old and in trouble for not coming straight home after school.

Oh yeah, then when I did move out, she started playing these mental games where she wouldn't allow my younger siblings to come swim at my apartments, she kept putting these false assumptions on me! Why would she "worry" about letting her sixteen and fourteen year old's go swimming at their sister's house? Took fifteen years for me to realize it was all about control for her.

I eventually had a mental breakdown at 25 from all of the pressure of pleasing people, she accused me of being on meth. Had a meth head dad- that shit's against my agnostic religion lol, the worst drug I've ever done was mushrooms (oddly enough, a few months before my mental break. I wonder if they opened my eyes to the abuse and made it impossible for me to tolerate the bullshit of my life anymore.) Thanks to that breakdown, now they dismiss everything I've said because now "I'm crazy."

Both younger siblings are Ns now and they both left home and have been away from it for long enough to forget what she's like. My sister raises her kids mentally and emotionally abusing her kids the same way our mom did us. My son is on the autism spectrum and my sister would shout comments like, "because I'm raising a self sufficient adult!" After she just yelled at her eight year old, made her cry in front of all of us, as a stab at my parenting. I don't yell at my boy, I don't embarrass him for making mistakes. He's amazing, just not their work horse like they want and so they belittle my parenting and him. They also don't believe autism is real, so when I say things like "stop yelling around him, it's like knives to his ears..." They call it me "babying him" and then made fun of him and judged my parenting over him not being able to learn motor skill related activities like tying his shoes and riding a bike (very common for kids on the spectrum to struggle with those things.) Then tried to teach him those things to spite me, but all failed. One day it just finally clicked on his brain and he learned both on his own (granted I'd been showing him multiple times a day how to with shoe tying) and I make sure to tell him that. You learned it all by yourself, kiddo! What's extra sad about being the scapegoat in this situation is that the only support I get from anyone (even his dad refuses to believe the official diagnosis) is through my son's teachers. I'd suspected something was different about my child from day one, but family members dismissed my concerns. Second grade is when his teacher brought it up and we got him tested and into an afterschool program to help boost his social skills. Aside from his lack of eye contact and stimming, you can't tell my child apart from a neurotypical child now because of all of the hard work kiddo, the school and myself have put in the past four years. The family has dismissed and denied it all those years, even talk shit about me for it. I really hate them right now for my making my life that much more of a struggle...

Sorry for the rant.

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