Has anybody decided not to have kids in the future?

Never say never, you’d be surprised at how things change

I was like you - hated the damn things. Hated losing my friends because they had kids. I got together with my now wife fairly late in life so most of my friends had already had kids - seeing the disasters made me want them less. My wife also didn’t really want kids - but as we settled down we gradually shifted to “maybe one day, but not any time soon - there’s too much to see and do in life”. Now we’re married, have a bigger house in a nice village and we’ve done a lot of the travel and things we wanted. We’re not there yet but I can definitely see our conversations and my own feelings changing.

It’s perfectly ok to never want them, I hate how other people think you’re strange or selfish if you say you’re not interested in having kids. I know exactly how it feels to be “never want them and never will” and to see that change very slowly.

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